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Our Journey exploring Faith in a European Context

The purpose of this service learning trip is spiritual development. Arriving in Paris, France on May 9 we will spend four days touring and meeting with staff at 5 different churches. We will be exploring catholic and protestant approaches to faith from a European perspective. We will also visit the Louvre, the Eiffel tower and other museums. On May 13 we will travel by train to southern France and spend a week in Taize, an ecumenical monastery. Our time there will include various daily work projects, praying three times a day and studying the bible for an hour or more each day with one of the brothers. On May 20 we take an overnight train to Esennach, Germany. We will spend three days there talking through our experiences at Taize and visiting the castle where Luther stayed while translating the bible. We will visit other areas of that community as well. On May 24 we take a train to Frankfurt, Germany and return to the United States. Each day a student will be writing a con